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General Data Protection Regulations (‘GDPR’)



a) You are entitled to series of rights set out under Date Protection legislation over how your personal data is used. However, we may not always be able to agree with the exercise of such rights, as often your personal data remains necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected and processed. Further information is available in our GDRP Compliant Privacy Policy, a copy of which can be obtained on request.


b) The categories of personal data we process include general personal data (which includes normal personal data, personal identity, email address and personal financial data) and special categories of personal data if these have been voluntarily provided to us (which includes ethnicity, nationality and medical history).


c) When we open a file for you, your personal data is necessary for us in relation to the purpose for which it was originally intended. We process your personal information to fulfill our contract with you, or where you or we have a legitimate interest in doing so, where otherwise permitted by law, or to comply with applicable law and regulation. We may use your personal data for the purposes including but not limited to:

* Service provision and internal processing (i.e. to assess and/or provide and to service your matter).

* Management of relationship (e.g. to develop your relationship with us).

* Resolving queries.

* Training and service review (e.g. to help us enhance our products and services or delivery channels to keep costs down).

* Complain with legal obligations (e.g. to prevent, investigate and prosecute crime, including fraud and money laundering).


When your matter is completed and/or your file is closed, we may still process your personal information where we have a legitimate interest in doing so, where we are permitted by law, or to comply with applicable laws and regulation. [such instances may include : complying with legal obligations for

statutory and regulatory requirements including for example complaint handling, anti-money laundering, reporting to our regulatory body - The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority; storage of your papers and documents for six years and more if necessary to do so {storage of personal information is still classed as a processing activity even though it is not being regulalrt accessed and remains securely locked away – We will keep your file of papers (except any of your papers that you asked to be returned to you) for no more than six years, save where specifically required by the court or otherwise to keep them for longer. We keep the file on the understanding that we have your authority, without further reference to you, to destroy all papers six years after the date of the final letter we send you for the matter. We will not destroy documents you ask us to deposit in safe custody] and our legitimate interests to conduct conflict of interest checks, statistical analysis and research to help us enhance our products and services}.


d) We may share your personal data with a range of organizations which enable us to fulfill our contract with you, or where we have legitimate interests to do so, or otherwise are required by applicable law and regulation. We can provide more details specific to your personal data on request. For further information on how we use your data please see our Privacy Policy which is available on request.


e) You have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (, which regulates the processing personal data. You may also seek a judicial remedy.