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  • R v Ly & Others

Multi Handed, Multi-million pound conspiracy to cultivate cannabis. Very High Cost Case (VHCC).

  • R v Meade & Others

Multi handed false imprisonment, conspiracy to kidnap and blackmail matter.

  • R v Begum & Others

Conspiracy to steal at popular High Street outlet.

  • R v Begum

Assisting a suspect wanted for attempted Murder.

  • R v Milah & Others

Attempted murder which took place in the Bedfordshire area.

  • R v Gurpinar

Murder of a minor by a minor in Enfield, London.

  • R v Gutierrez

Numerous sexual offences against minors.

  • R v Hodge & Others

"London Riots 2011" - Violent Disorder.

  • R v Skinner & Others

"London Riots 2011" - Violent Disorder

  • R v Markandu

Illegal Money Laundering.

  • R v Cole

RSPCA prosecution against in-humane videos posted on "YouTube".

  • R v Pavon-Navarrete & Others

High Value Theft from Celebrity employer.

  • R v Thom & Others

High Value- Accounting Fraud.

  • R v Thomas & Others

s18 GBH with intent.

  • R v Ariyaratne

s18 GBH x3.

  • R v Nushi

Aggravated Bank Robbery.