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We offer advice and services in the following areas:

Crime (Free of Charge under Legal Aid, wherever possible)

  • Police Station Advice & Assistance
  • Magistrates Court Preparation, Advocacy & Appeal
  • Crown Court Preparation, Advocacy & Appeal
  • General Advice & Assistance

Immigration (Free of Charge under Legal Aid, Wherever possible)

  • Advice & assistance & representation in relation to asylum, entry clearance, student visas, settlements, deportation etc.

Family (Free of Charge under Legal Aid, wherever possible)

  • Advice & assistance & representation with regard to divorce, contact, residence,ancillary relief, injunctions, care proceedings etc.

we also deal with the following areas of law:

  • General Litigation, Landlord and Tenant disputes, Debt recovery, Small claims, Statutory Declarations, Affidavits, Power of Attorneys, Oaths, Miscellaneous.